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Yale Bock is the owner and operator of Y H & C Investments, a registered investment advisor (Nevada and California licensed) located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yale directs all operations, from investment research and portfolio management and asset allocation to trading decisions, trade execution, risk management, and client communication. With experience investing capital personally and on behalf of his clients for 20 years, he aims to maximize investors’ assets—and do so as tax efficiently as possible. Yale has a passion for investing and enjoys the challenge of the markets, and has a proven track record of reliability and good judgment. He thrives on partnering to help people reach their life goals through investing: saving for kids’ and grandkids’ college, personal retirement, and company retirement plans (just to name a few). His clients can experience comfort and confidence that they have someone in their corner they can depend on to help them succeed in a responsible and tax-efficient way.

Yale earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA from UC Irvine and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He is married to Jhanine Ilana Aronson and together they have a precious daughter, Diamond Emerald Bock. Outside of work, he enjoys sports (baseball, football, basketball), politics, and reading. To learn more about Yale, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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