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Yale Bock is the owner and operator of Y H & C Investments, a registered investment adviser (Nevada and California licensed) located in Las Vegas, NV. All operations are directed by Mr. Bock and he is responsible for the investment research, portfolio management, asset allocation, trading decisions, trade execution, risk management, and any client communication. Mr. Bock has been investing his own capital for 20 years and client money since 2004. Mr. Bock earned a B.A. in economics from UC-Irvine in 1989, and an M.B.A from UC-Irvine in 1991. Mr. Bock earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2007.

Investment Philosophy & Strategy

The philosophy of Y H & C Investments is to maximize the assets of investors and do so as tax efficiently as possible.  The stock market has always been volatile, so business values fluctuate in a range of tremendous extremes, which is why there is a great deal of opportunity.  The economic reality for any investor or entity trying to grow their capital is there is only so much money available for investment, so putting it to use in the most productive way has to be the priority.

Good investors always try to get the most out of their capital, regardless of a specific investing style. History has repeatedly shown the path to wealth lies in finding great companies which have strategic competitive advantages and holding them as they grow larger and larger. Such investments are not easy to find, especially at good prices.  The priority of Y H & C Investments is creating portfolios where the majority of assets are placed in superior enterprises.


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