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Y H & C Investments is one of 50 plus managers from across the United States on Covestor.

Interactive Brokers and Covestor have developed sophisticated systems to mirror your trading in the accounts of the Covestor clients who co-invest with you, in a fair way.

Managers are chosen based on a history of good stock selection, portfolio management, and performance. Clients can adopt the holdings of the Covestor model, using either a taxable or tax advantaged account, with a minimum of $10,000.   All assets are housed and owned in the client’s name at Interactive Brokers, an online custodian.  However the Covestor model portfolio is constructed as far as percentage of assets in each position, the same percentage will be attributed based on the client’s assets.  The key issue for each investor is to look at each model portfolio and see if you think they might be a good fit based on what you require for your individual circumstances, risk tolerance, return objectives and tax situation.

Each time you buy or sell, your order is combined into one order with the orders for each Covestor client co-investing with you. Covestor determines the size of these orders based on the relative value of the clients’ account compared to yours, so each account is trading in the same basic proportion.

  • After this order executes, the trade is allocated among the accounts at an average price.
  • As a result, your executions will be slightly slower and your prices may at times be slightly worse than otherwise (due to the larger size of the order).
  • Investors who chose to co-trade with you may see their account, including the trades and positions they carry, at any time.

(The total Covestor fee is 1.5% annually of assets managed, with the fees split evenly between Covestor and Y H & C Investments.)

Model Portfolio Choices-

The Covestor Portfolio- Long Term GARP Portfolio

The portfolio has a long term time horizon and is diversified in 10-15 holdings but 80% are concentrated in 4 companies. The account is based on the strategy of growth at a reasonable price. Obviously, growth and value are tied at the hip and Y H & C believes the portfolio reflects this with the holdings.

More information about the model is available at-

The Covestor Concentrated GARP Portfolio

The Covestor portfolio is more focused portfolio, with a smaller number of holdings (5). It also has a long term time horizon. The positions are a bit more speculative in a few cases, but it is noticeably more concentrated than the Long Term GARP portfolio, and the companies are in different industries.

More information about the model is available at

If you need more assistance, please reach out to Interactive Brokers client service at 1-866-825-3005: or email-

If you are still having trouble or have other questions, and please email or call 702-449-0360 for additional help.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Future results are likely to be different from past performance. All equity portfolios involve risk and may lose money. One should research any investment and make sure it is suitable with your objectives, risk tolerance, risk profile, liquidity considerations, tax situation, and anything else pertinent to your financial situation. Also, attaining or holding the CFA credential in no way suggests performance will be superior than a market index or market return.

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