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Answering Questions and Facts About Y H & C Investments

  • Y H & C Investments was founded in 2005 by Yale Bock.  He invested privately for 15 years before starting the firm.
  • Mr. Bock earned a B.A  in Economics in 1989, and an M.B.A at the University of California, Irvine in 1991.
  • Mr. Bock earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in September of 2007 and continues to participate in the CFA organization in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Mr. Bock is the head of the Investment Committee for the Las Vegas chapter.
  • Y H & C Investments is licensed by the State of Nevada, the City of Las Vegas, and the State of California.
  • Y H & C Investments is owned and operated by Yale Bock.  All clients operations are overseen by Mr. Bock.
  • All investment decisions are made by Mr. Bock on the basis of the specific client situation.
  • Y H & C Investments does not invest by pooling assets.  The Bernie Madoff fraud was accomplished in part because client assets were pooled and he had custody of the client assets and accounts.
  • Clients of Y H & C Investments have accounts in their name.  Clients own all the assets in the accounts.
  • Y H & C Investments uses TD Ameritrade Institutional as its primary custodian.  Some clients have Schwab or Interactive Brokers as the custodian.  In all cases, Y H & C Investments is the investment adviser.
  • Before entering into an Investor Services Agreement with Y H & C Investments, clients willingly sign a Limited Power of Attorney agreement, which is a standard provision of a custodian contract for TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and Interactive Brokers.
  • All clients have decision making over cash management features and billing timing.  Clients are emailed for approval of fees before Y H & C Investments gets paid.  Y H & C Investments bills by the quarter.
  • Y H & C Investments provides a quarterly letter and performance measurement report.  All performance data comes from the custodians, which obtain their information from the large national exchanges like the NYSE, Nasdaq, Toronto Stock Exchange, or OTC Markets.
  • Y H & C Investments uses a cloud based service to house quarterly documents and performance reports.  The hosting site is encrypted and password protected.
  • Some clients are nervous about using email because of hacking.  Y H & C does offer encrypted email as a way to communicate information if that is preferred.
  • Y H & C Investments does not share or sell information it has collected.

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