Focus On Small Companies

Small Companies-Focus On Great Businesses For Higher Returns

Y H & C Investments owns positions in small, publicly traded companies for these reasons:

First, with ownership of smaller companies you own pieces of a great business without having as much competition as with larger companies.    Often, 25 different analysts from investment banks and mutual funds follow large companies.

Second, there is more volatility in the price of smaller companies.  Inefficient markets are where the best situations are found.

Third, there are more opportunities with small companies because the majority of all public companies are small.

Fourth, fewer investors are able, or willing, to take large ownership stakes of small companies.

Fifth, owning small companies is a good risk management tool.   It diversifies into assets which have low correlations with the overall market.

Finally, when you are successful with one small company investment, it can have a tremendous impact on your overall returns.

Finding Hidden Gems

To discover great companies, Y H & C Investments looks at many possibilities.  Y H & C attends different investor conferences where companies present to investors.  The main conferences we attend are the LD Micro Conferences in Los Angeles and the Planet MicroCap Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  There are others, especially in New York, but these work for us from a logistical perspective.

Sectors Where Y H & C Investments Owns Positions In Small & Microcap Companies

Foreign Exchange Provider

Industrial Efficiency and Automation

Enterprise and Financial Instrument Liquidation

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Regional Gaming

Financial Services Data Provider

Corporate Communications and Compliance for private and public companies

Land and Agriculture Owner

Water Rights and Credits

Alternative Energy Sourced Oil Refiner

Agricultural Industry Equipment Calibration

Investor and issuer platform for private businesses

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