Focus On Small Companies

Small Companies-Focus On Great Businesses For Higher Returns

Y H & C Investments invests in small, publicly traded companies for many reasons.

First and foremost, investing in smaller companies offers the ability to own pieces of a great business without having as much competition as you would have with larger companies that are followed by 25 different analysts from investment banks and mutual funds.

Second, there is much more inefficiency in the prices of smaller listed companies.  Inefficient markets are where the best opportunities are found.

Third, there are more opportunities with small companies because the vast majority of all public companies are small.

Fourth, there is the ability to own more of the company because fewer investors are able, or willing, to take large ownership pieces of small companies.

Fifth, owning small companies is a good risk management tool for investors by diversifying into assets which have low or minimal correlations with the overall market.

Finally, if you are very successful with one small company investment, it can have a tremendous impact on your overall returns

Finding Hidden Gems

In order to discover great companies, Y H & C Investments looks at many possibilities.  One way this is done is by attending different investor conferences where companies present their businesses to investors.  The main conferences we attend are the LD Micro Conferences in Los Angeles and the Planet MicroCap Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  There are others as well, especially in New York, but these work from a logistical perspective for Y H & C Investments.

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