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Active Investing and Investment Models Serve the Goals Of Clients of Nevada-Based Y H & C

A Passion For Helping Clients With The Art and Science of Investing

The focus of Y H & C Investments is helping clients (individuals, families, businesses, and organizations) meet their goals and dreams—be it life-related or financial. Y H & C Investments is an active investment manager that selects companies that have unique business models and are mispriced relative to their potential in the market. The firm manages approximately 30 accounts, with over $15 million in assets in both traditional and qualified vehicles, such as Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and SEP plans.

Y H & C Investments is owned and operated by Yale Bock. He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Master of Business Administration degree from The Paul Merage School of Business at University of California, Irvine. This is where his passion for investing began, and it continues to this day, stronger and more intense than ever, even after nearly 30 years of market experience.

In graduate school and beyond, Mr. Bock learned about investors, such as Warren Buffett, John Malone, Sam Zell, Julian Robertson, and other titans of industry, and what differentiates companies which have performed well for shareholders versus those that have not.

“I’d invested for fifteen years as a private investor right out of graduate school, starting in 1991,” says Mr. Bock, “The Internet was just starting to make headlines. I had a friend I’d gone to college with and he noticed that the investments I made were doing quite well—Starbucks and AOL and he told me if I ever started a firm, he would be my first client. I decided to open the firm a few years later, he took me up on the offer, and we have been at it ever since.”

After running a number of family businesses in Las Vegas in the 1990s, Mr. Bock started Y H & C Investments by applying his investment learnings with clients who were aligned with his “active investment” philosophy of buying and selling select single stock investments and strategically supplementing with targeted mutual funds and index funds.

Mr. Bock also manages investment models on one of the leading platforms for investment strategy, InteractiveAdvisors.com (once called Covestor.com), gaining him attention and acclaim from scholars and investors alike for its unique strategy and historical performance.

Two of Y H & C’s models, titled “Long Term GARP” and “Concentrated GARP,” can be seen on InteractiveAdvisors.com today. In the firm’s spirit of accessibility and performance, “GARP” is used by Mr. Bock and stands for “growth at a reasonable price.”

Y H & C Assists Business Owners on Developing Top-Shelf Employee Benefit Packages

When Business Owners Look Into Starting or Relaunching Benefits Packages, Here’s What They Find

Your company is growing. You need to retain employees if your company is going to continue to perform and prosper.

You start to explore a key element in employee retention, competitive employee benefits packages (401k arrangements, profit sharing plans, etc.), but you soon find out the process of establishing these packages can be complex and that the traditional packages offered by payroll management companies can be underwhelming and laden with fees and opacity.

If only you could turn to a trusted source, someone who knew you, your values, and your full financial picture, to help design packages that positioned you and your employees for maximum benefit while conforming to the Federal laws governing such vehicles.

What if the same advisor with whom you have already aligned your wealth-building strategies could also help you with this important-yet-complex undertaking?

When your wealth manager is Y H & C Investments, this is possible.

Financial Benefits: Plans For Businesses

As business owners are looking to set up or change existing financial benefits packages for its employees, Mr. Bock is a financial advisor that will design such packages with direct input from the client and his or her employees so both receive what they really want, need, and value.

What allows Mr. Bock to design such packages? A good understanding of the federal guidelines for establishing and operating guidelines for retirement plans. This body of regulations is contained in The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which is a federal law that sets minimum standards for most voluntarily established retirement and health plans in private industry to provide protection for individuals in these plans.

Financial benefit plans, often called “retirement plans,” help organizations attract and retain employees and minimize attrition and turnover.

Mr. Bock cites a familiar example, “If you look at a company like Costco, a big piece of their business model has been about having good retirement plans, paying people well, and therefore enjoying much lower employee turnover than their competitors, which is a huge competitive advantage. This is very important because it benefits both the owner and employee.”

Many small business clients are on the verge of starting a benefits program for their companies and the creation of these plans can be quite complex. There are elements that could make it difficult, and discourage business owners away from this path, but Y H & C will guide business owners through this process.

“The deeper you go into ERISA, the more you realize it’s very doable to design a benefits package that matches your values and aspirations as an employer and a person. But it must be done in a way that conforms to the federal regulations.”

From managing investment portfolios to designing employee financial benefit packages, Yale Bock and Y H & C are committed to customer satisfaction.

“I enjoy all aspects of investing a great deal, and I work to make sure my clients understand their portfolios, are happy with the communication and service, and know I am always there to help them in any way possible.”

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Yale Bock, Y H & C Investments, its clients, and the family of Yale Bock have positions in the securities mentioned in the blog, Investing in securities involves risk and the potential loss of ones principal. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
All investment decisions should be considered with respect to ones risk tolerance, return objectives, liquidity needs, tax considerations, and one’s overall financial situation. The fact that Yale Bock has earned the right to use the CFA designation does not mean Y H & C Investments will outperform broad market indexes.

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