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Targeted investment planning involves researching individual investment opportunities extensively before capital is allocated. At Y H & C, we aim to earn the highest returns possible with the majority of investments in the common stocks of growth companies, knowing that value and growth investing are intrinsically linked.

As a financial advisor, I look for unique investment opportunities, in particular, individual equities in the public markets. Here is a little more about the process of my comprehensive analysis of a potential investment:

Analyze past, present, and future operations of specific companies, with emphasis on growth opportunities
Consider the operating performance of a company, with metrics like gross margin, operating margin, net margin, return on equity, return on assets, turnover ratios, inventory, and accounts-receivable ratios
Learn the finances of the company, including balance-sheet metrics like cash levels, debt levels, contingent liabilities, lease obligations, and off-balance-sheet arrangements
Research company earnings, corporate governance, management, conflicts of interest, financial filings, and current market value, market capitalization, and comparison of those metrics against industry competitors and the overall market
Understand current economic environment and its effect on the company


A solid financial plan starts with a comprehensive investment strategy. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to learn more.

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