Small Business Possibilities

Small Business Retirement Planning

Small business owners have an advantage with retirement because a 401K plan potentially can be used to assist for yearly tax planning.  However, small business owners have to aware of ERISA laws with respect to how the plan is set up, administered, and operated for employees.  Small business owners often need help with these retirement plans as far as choosing the kind of ERISA plan, either 3-21 or 3-38, and the different kinds of investment choices which must be offered to employees.  In addition, employees often need counseling and training on retirement choices.  These are areas where Y H & C Investments can help a small business evaluate the current status of their existing plan and how to potentially improve it. If you are a small business owner and need help planning and managing your retirement plan, you might take a look at our video on the subject. If you would like some help in this area, we would love to hear about your situation.

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