Investing In The Liberty Media Empire

I have invested in Liberty Media (NASDAQ:FWONA) (OTCQB:FWONB) for over 20 years and owned each of the different entities in the complex and now is an interesting time to look at the various entities.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Love The Price, Hate The Business, Risk Reward Is Favorable

The mispricing in Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) is compelling as it currently is priced at a market cap of 3.27 Billion, an Enterprise Value of 4.15 Billion, a trailing P/E ratio of 6, and Forward P/E ratio of 8. The EV/EBITDA ratio is 3.54.

BP: Significant Upside As Stock Lags Turnaround

Deepwater Horizon liability finally water under the bridge. BP spent last two years dramatically reducing its cost structure. 2017 is building block year with six projects to complete which will bring on 500K barrels per day of production with nine more in 2018.

Eat Some CAKE For A Sweet Return?

Buying a great company at a fair price. Excellent management team with established track record and defensible business model. Plenty of room for growth domestically and internationally.

Get Some Green With Green Dot

Green Dot is an undervalued equity where shareholders can benefit in any number of ways, including operational improvements, opportunities for financial engineering, or an acquisition or merger.

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