Success Stories at Y H & C

Early Adopters

Many years ago in 2005, Y H & C Investments started with family members and a family friend as a client.  Over the first few years, most of the clients were referred by friends and colleagues of mine and my wife, Jhanine.  Some clients gave us as little as a few thousand dollars.  Others started with more capital, maybe a few hundred thousand dollars.  At this point, they have seen their accounts grow, and they are happy with the results.  Of course, we have had to endure market fluctuations, and that is what advisor stewardship is all about.  Clients have been able to use their capital for important life activities- college educations for kids, houses, trips, home remodels, and building wealth for future generations like grandkids.

Retirement Plan Benefits

In the retirement plan area, business owner clients have started new 401k plans and reaped the tax advantages, aligned their participant ages with investments that are consistent with their planned retirement ages, and are not using overpriced funds.

Looking for A Change

Several clients came from situations where they were very dissatisfied with their existing advisor or broker.  If you would like to discuss your specific situation, let’s chat by setting up a consultation!

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