Team Investing with Y H & C

Investing As a Team-

Many investors are self-directed, which simply means they are making capital allocation decisions without working with a licensed professional.

Instead, Y H & C offers an alternative: an investor manages their own funds and receives ongoing consultation, analysis, and advice from Yale Bock.

Why Work With Y H & C Investments?

Yale Bock earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (in 2007) and accumulated over 30 years of experience investing in capital markets.  He owns a track record of success and built Y H & C Investments based on stock market investing where clients are satisfied with their results. The experience is helpful for those less familiar with the financial markets, or who need support when managing a portfolio by themselves.

What You Get by Working with Y H & C Investments-

  • Analysis of the existing composition of assets in the portfolio
  • Breakdown of the types of assets (individual stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, bonds, commodities, cash)
  • Evaluation of the strength and weaknesses of the existing holdings (competitive positioning, management, governance, product offerings, financial results, debt levels, history, growth, key strategic initiatives, industry, fees, and conflict of interests)
  • Written documentation summarizing the assessment
  • Once a month communication with Yale Bock on the existing state of the portfolio
  • Flexible arrangement which can be expanded, or cancelled, at any moment
  • Relationship requires signed consulting contract by both parties

What Is Not Included

  • Gathering of information about the client and their existing financial circumstances
  • A documented Investment Policy Statement created specifically based on the client and what their personal situation is
  • Ongoing management of the portfolio by Yale Bock is not included. The consulting partnership is based on self-directed investors assuming all responsibility for the results of the existing portfolio.  Investing involves risk, and the loss of principal and capital is acknowledged, admitted, and born in entirety by the investor and not Yale Bock or Y H & C Investments.
  • Investors enter into the relationship understanding markets may change and actual results will be volatile over any length of time.

Consulting Subscription Fees and Duration Choices- (fees are billed monthly)

  • 1 Month- $150.00
  • 3 Months- $375.00
  • 6 Months- $650.00
  • 12 Months- $1000.00

Other Important Issues to Consider

  • All consulting arrangements may be terminated by either party.
  •   In the event a contract is terminated before completion, payment terms are prorated based on the length of time consulting services were provided.
  • Yale Bock, Y H & C Investments, and it’s clients own positions in nearly 150 securities, exchange traded funds, stock indexes, or mutual funds.  Advice given on any of these holdings is considered a conflict of interest.

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