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Who we are

About YHC Investments

Yale Bock is the owner and operator of Y H & C Investments, a registered investment adviser (Nevada and California licensed) located in Las Vegas, NV.

Our Philosophy & Strategy

As a financial advisor in Las Vegas, NV,  our philosophy is to maximize the assets of investors and do so as tax efficiently as possible. The stock market has always been volatile, so business values fluctuate in a range of tremendous extremes, which is why there is a great deal of opportunity. The economic reality for any investor or entity trying to grow their capital is there is only so much money available for investment, so putting it to use in the most productive way has to be the priority.

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What we provide

Our Services

Small Business
Retirement Planning

Small Business Retirement Planning Small business owners have an advantage with retirement...

Risk Management

Risk management is the ability of an organization to control the risks...


For most individuals, retirement planning is done with the ownership of qualified...


Y H & C Investments is a boutique investment management company. Clients...

& Asset

High Quality Companies The foundation of the investment strategy is to own...

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