Busy professionals

Please note: While the situations are real, client names & details have been removed to maintain confidentiality

Frank and Margaret's Situation

Frank came to the firm as a busy finance executive in his early 30’s. He works in the computer aided design industry and is a self directed investor, which means he was investing and managing his own money. It became very time consuming, and problematic for his spouse, Margaret. The couple trusted Yale Bock to handle his portfolio as a way to free up time for himself and get the burden of investing off his daily schedule. During the financial crisis, events forced Frank to move more accounts to Y H & C Investments. Over time, Frank switched jobs and moved his retirement account, a 401K from his prior employer, into a rollover IRA. Frank and Margaret remain satisfied clients after 20 years of working with Y H & C Investments. 

Kala's Situation

Kala worked at her brother’s computer networking company when she learned Yale Bock managed other people’s money. She had several self directed accounts, which needed supervision. She also wanted a plan about how to prepare for the future, including saving for retirement. In addition, Karen managed accounts for her nieces and nephews and needed help with those too. Kala’s accounts came to Y H & C with many excellent individual companies so very little change was needed for those. We added a Roth IRA and Individual IRA to build wealth for retirement and tax efficiency. In those accounts we invested for income. Y H & C and Kala continue to work together to grow the asset base for herself and her family.

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