About Y H & C Investments

Y H & C Investments is a boutique investment company owned and operated by Yale Bock.  Armed with an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UC-Irvine, he started investing as a private investor straight out of college.  Based on his results, friends and family indicated to Mr. Bock their intent to become clients if he ever started an investment firm, and Y H & C Investments was created in 2004.  

It is a company dedicated to mastering the challenges of investing capital for clients so they are happy and satisfied.  It is based on the principles of value investing, financial analysis, and thorough understanding of strategic competitive advantage. Companies and their financial position are researched in the quest to find value. We find and own excellent companies, or companies building toward that destination. By owning great assets and the cash flows they generate, financial history shows this is the way to create value for clients.  A client’s attitudes toward the future, financial situation, and risk approach are top of mind when Y H & C Investments works with you.  

In that regard, Y H & C Investments has a history of helping clients achieve their financial goals.  Clients get ‘white glove service,’ which means Yale Bock regards them as partners who deserve first class treatment. When you trust your hard earned capital to a firm, it is expected that you receive excellent service.  Yale Bock achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2007.  Y H & C Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor licensed in Nevada and California.  Yale Bock is the registered representative of the firm.  

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