Wealth Management

Wealth Management is the comprehensive view of a client’s financial situation. It includes factors like retirement plans, tax situation and planning, existing and future estate planning, liquidity needs, and special circumstances. Y H & C helps with clients on all of these aspects, including with outside professionals who you currently work with.

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Types of Retirement Accounts
Individual Retirement Accounts- Regular IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA
We work with you to make sure you allocate capital to the account which is best suited for your circumstances. In most situations, individuals benefit by contributing to a Regular IRA so they save for retirement each year, help with tax efficiency, and reap the rewards of tax deferred growth. Roth IRA’s are used for those who don’t need deductions for their tax situation
IRA’s, 401K’s, SEP, Cash Balance
Saving for your future means working with us on a retirement plan which grows over time and targets the time frame you want to stop working. The tax advantages make compounding capital in these vehicles much greater over time.
Business Retirement Accounts
Business owners benefit from creating retirement plans for themselves and their employees. There are a wide variety of retirement plan types, but for most business owners they use 401K and SEP plans, or for high net worth individuals with highly profitable businesses, cash balance plans. 401K plans typically have a profit sharing component to them. All the setup costs are tax deductible, as are the contributions for owners and employees. Y H & C Investments works with Vestwell as the Third Party Administrator to handle the payroll component of your 401K plan.Vestwell offers a wide variety of instruments which we choose to create plans which fit the owners and employees retirement target dates. The choices are much less costly than using mutual funds in a retirement plan and academic research shows by reducing costs, more wealth builds for business owners and participants.
Cash Balance Plans
Cash balance plans are a type of defined benefit plan where a company makes contributions on behalf of all participants. They differ in that they offer much higher contribution limits than a 401(k) plan, especially for older participants.
Estate Planning
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