Please note: While the situations are real, client names & details have been removed to maintain confidentiality

Helen and Victor's Situation

Helen and Victor are a married couple but were frustrated with their existing advisor and the way they were treated at EW Smith. They set up a phone appointment to discuss their financial situation. After the phone consultation, a dinner took place to delve into more detail about their specific circumstances.

Helen and Victor transferred their joint accounts to Y H & C. As part of the new financial plan, we agreed to change the kind of instruments which were held, moving from mutual funds to indexes and specific stocks selected by Y H & C. Those are all dividend paying companies. Helen also moved her IRA to Y H & C and we adopted the same strategy in the tax advantaged account. Helen remains a trusted friend and client of Y H & C.

Jennifer and Larry's Situation

Helen’s mother and husband, Jennifer and Larry, also had accounts with EW Smith, and they too were dissatisfied with the same advisor. After a phone appointment with Y H & C, a more extensive consultation was agreed upon. Prior to the meeting, Jennifer and Larry sent their existing account statements to Y H & C for analysis. Jennifer and Larry decided to move their existing accounts to Y H & C. One account was Larry’s IRA, and the other was Jennifer’s IRA.

They also had a joint community account together. We agreed to keep the majority of positions in Larry’s IRA and sell a few of the mutual funds. The same diagnosis existed with Jennifer’s IRA. Later, the couple needed liquidity to handle a real estate issue, so some of the positions were liquidated in one of the IRA’s. Jennifer and Larry also had tax liabilities which needed to be addressed in one of the accounts. As California residents, the estimated tax payments were a challenge but cash was raised to meet those obligations. Jennifer and Larry remain satisfied clients and the family remains trusted friends of Y H & C

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