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Please note: While the situations are real, client names & details have been removed to maintain confidentiality

Marvin and Indrid's Situation

Marvin’s daughters went to school with Yale Bock’s daughter and at a school event they talked about Marvin’s unhappiness with his existing brokerage account. The firm pushed it’s own investments in Marvin’s account and he felt taken advantage of. After discussing markets and investing and building a friendship with Yale, Marvin decided to move the account to Y H & C Investments. We created an investment policy statement tailored for Marvin, and Y H & C went about managing the capital to grow Marvin’s assets. Later, Marvin moved his IRA to Y H & C but was very specific about keeping one specific position. The asset later went on to become one of the magnificent seven and earned huge returns in the account. 

Y H & C then advised Marvin on how to re-establish a retirement plan for his medical practice. The plan helped Marvin save for retirement and improve his tax efficiency with the benefits a retirement plan brings to a plan sponsor (business owner). Y H & C picked the asset choices for the plan and it is managed according to an investment policy statement. The investment policy is guided by the laws of ERISA and HIPPA so Marvin’s plan is in compliance with all regulations. The plan was created with participant ages in mind and asset choices which are consistent with those retirement ages. Marvin remains a trusted friend and client. 

Darwin and Violet's Situation

Darwin and Violet own an electrical engineering company. They were referred to Y H & C by Melvin, a common friend and also a client. Darwin heard about Yale’s ‘legendary stock picks’ and wanted to have Y H & C manage his money in an aggressive way. After a few years, Darwin was very happy with the results in the account and added more capital. He also opened IRA’s at Y H & C for himself and his wife Violet. Those accounts grew in value as well. The initial capital of low six figures was turned into seven figures. 

Y H & C suggested opening a 401K plan for his business as a way to save for retirement and become more tax efficient. An investment policy statement included a profit sharing component for even more benefits. Darwin and Yale Bock consulted on the plan choices and the roster is compliant with Erisa regulations. Darwin continues to contribute to the plan as choices are edited to help with investment performance. Darwin and Violet remain trusted friends and clients. 

Juliana and Bradley's Situation

Juliana and her husband Bradley were looking for investment help. Both are employed as Juliana works in an eyewear business and Bradowns a travel agency. They were recommended by an existing client.

Initially, Juliana and Brad transferred a trust account and wanted conservative investments which would grow. Brad also transferred in an IRA which had existing positions in large cap technology companies. Juliana opened a SEP account to help grow assets for retirement and with tax efficiency. Later, Brad moved another retirement account as well. The total value of the assets have grown and Juliana and Brad remain trusted friends and clients.

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